Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thai food and the lady neighbor

The first month I was in US, I was suffering of missing my Thai food. In the morning, my husband fixed me American breakfast; Eggs, Toasts, Milk, Pancake, Ham, Bacon, etc. Actually, I had no problem with that because it was similar to my morning meal in Thailand. I like to have easy and quick food in the morning. But lunch and dinner was very tough for me here. My alternative meals were just sandwich, hamburger, steak, pizza, etc. I had these menus repeatedly for a month. Believe it or not, I lost 5 pounds without any attempt. I really wanted to have some Thai food but there is no Thai restaurant around here. I was trying to cook my own dish but I couldn’t find ingredient for Thai cooking here. Do you wonder where I am? Not really in the middle of nowhere but in the middle of mountains with the closest airport is about 100 miles away. Fortunately, my neighbor is a girl from Thailand. She saved my life with my first Thai dish here. We became very good friends as we have so many things in common. We love spicy food. We love eating and we both love cooking.
“Art” is her name. She is married to an American doctor and has 2 boys. She has been in this town for 2 years and she helped me a lot at the beginning since I arrived US. She told me how to live here, in a different country with different culture. At least once a week, we cook and eat together, making our favorite spicy food. We spent hours chatting and sharing our food. Sometimes she came to my place to help me cook and sometimes she invites me to have lunch or dinner with her. I’d like to show you today the pictures of our favorite Thai food which Art and I love to cook.

No. 1 “Yum Woon Sen” or grass noodle spicy salad which can be served as appetizer or main dish.

No.2 “ Kha Nom Jeen & Naam Yaa” or Thai noodle with hot curry.

No.3“ Som Tum” or raw papaya and carrot spicy salad. It is originally from North-eastern Thailand.

No .4 “ Tom Yum Koong” or Spicy shrimp soup with fresh herbs. This soup is very famous because of its taste, spiciness and good smell.

In the next blog, I will show you the ingredients in my storage. I think there might be something you have never seen before. Exciting? See you.


Sophie Sexton said...

Oh my gosh.....I am sooooooo coming over to your house for lunch and dinner!

All this stuff looks delish!

- Sophie

wcgillian said...

Oh honey, this does look good.

Love you!