Monday, August 11, 2008

Special Thanks for Special Ones

Pictures above are Fresh shrimp spring roll and peanut butter sauce

This Vietnamese appetizer is one of my favorite. When I was in Thailand, I always take my family to a Vietnamese restaurant and this dish is a popular one. I love all fresh ingredients in this roll which contains many kinds of vegetable, such as, mint, basil, cilantro, cabbage, carrot, etc. Moreover, cocktail shrimps get along very well in this roll, together with a peanut butter sauce, I don’t think anyone can control not to ask for more.
I would like to post this food in my blog to thank Sophie Sexton for her kind support and encouragement. She gave me a good advice to keep up with my blog which I almost quit to work on. I have some difficulties on writing, especially in English. Writing blog became a pressure rather than enjoyment. I love cooking and taking pictures of my food but I don’t know how to express those in words and make no mistake in grammatical structures. But Sophie wrote me a nice note telling me to start from simple sentences describing the picture and convinced me not to worry about the mistakes too much. That made me feel a lot better and I will try to practice more and more. Hopefully, I will be a good blogger in the future. Also, I hope Sophie will like my fresh spring roll.

Another person I owe a lot is my husband, Randy. He started his blog and he likes it so much, so he suggested me to have my own blog. He knows that I love cooking and eating. That’s why cooking blog is in my interest. Many times, I was upset when he pushed me to work on my blog. He made me feel a little guilty for not adding anything new in the blog. I don’t think he understands how I feel when I had to spend hours working on that and I ended up with nothing to put on my blog whereas it takes just 45 minutes for him to write a long story. I was not mad at him for what he did but myself. Anyway, I feel grateful to him for not giving up on pushing me. So I’m here trying to write this story. To thank him, I post the picture below which is his favorite dish. This is not original Thai food but Chinese food. We call “Dim Sum”, a steamed shrimp wrap. He loves a flavor of ginger that I put in this dish. Dim sum can be eaten alone or with sauce which is mixed between soy sauce and vinegar.


wcgillian said...

Oh honey, that is a nice post. I ate about seven of the spring rolls. Oh my gosh, you will never taste anything like them. The best. I hope my lovely wife will post a small video showing the process of making them.

jane said...


FIRST TIME BEING HERE. NICE BLOG EH ? how do i address you ? by the way, i'm Jane.